Why the CBM Research web site

The key motivation for setting up this web site is the CBM Research Team’s belief that money is far too important to every individual, the economy, and society at large to be left up to central bankers, monetary policy experts, and academic researchers and scientists. That’s why this web site showcases the results of our research which aims to contribute to a better understanding of the latest developments and issues connected with the issuance of money, its circulation, functions, and digital transformation, and payment services.

The key topic is the disappearance of money. Contrary to a widely held belief that issuing money is only a matter of technology, we claim that the disappearance of money is nearing its inevitable conclusion. Central bank money, or high-powered money, or base money, is the only authentic money. We’re convinced that the passing of this money for the public will inevitably mark the beginning of monetary chaos in a cashless society with private money only. The views of Adam Smith, Henry Thornton, Irving Fisher, Milton Friedman, James Tobin, and a host of other economists are proof that our concern for the future of money is based on good reasons.

We hope that this web site will shed light on the essence of money and the ways in which it can be modernised, a topic wholly neglected by central banks. In short, the issue of money, usurped by an unelected technocratic government, must be returned to the hands of the public. If these articles make even the slightest contribution to illuminating the obscure future of money, our task will have been fulfilled. If not, at least we’ll know we’ve tried, and that we’ll have to continue investigating and communicating our findings to the public.

Keeping in touch with our readers is a key objective of the CBM Research web site. Please be unsparing in your criticism and send us your opinions and conclusions. We welcome all comments, observations, error reports, and counter-arguments.